Aaron M. Davis

Aaron M. Davis-Board Member

Aaron M. Davis



Aaron M. Davis is the CEO of AMD Enterprises, a conglomerate of business ventures comprised primarily of Florida Agency Network (FAN), Premier Data Services (PDS), Network Transaction Solutions (NTS) and Closingsuite.com.

A past board member of the Florida Land Title Association, Aaron has also served in an advisory role for multiple businesses, including banks and start-ups. He was selected to be a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Citizens Academy and is a member of YPO as well. Additionally, Aaron is a frequent speaker at mortgage and title conferences and a regular contributor to the industry media. In 2018 his business was awarded the Gator 100, which recognizes the world’s fastest-growing University of Florida graduate owned businesses.

Aaron has long been committed to community service and has served with numerous non-profit, charity-focused organizations, including Bay Area Advisors and his community Rotary Club, among others. He has also been recognized by national media outlets for his charitable service assisting communities after natural disasters and was awarded the 2021 October Research Philanthropy Award, in part, for those efforts.

Aaron earned his BS/BA from the University of Florida and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program (OPM 57).